Aeroform Autoclave


Semi-Industrial Autoclave

Resources Thursday, 14 March 2019 09:27

Curing Sample Materials

Our autoclave chamber by Aeroform Limited (Poole, UK) provides a pressurised environment of internally heated air for curing composite materials.

The main features of our autoclave are:

• Max Working Temperature: 225°C
• Max Working Pressure: 10 Bar
• Horizontal Working Area 500mm x 1000mm
• Electrical Heating System
• Dual loop control system with critical master/slave controllers for temperature, air & vacuum
• 4 Load thermocouples with auto scanning, screen selectable
• 2 Air thermocouples with auto scanning
• Encapsulated water cooled main fan
• 25 m3/min vacuum pump
• Fully controlled by computer

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