Flexible Electronics


Research Monday, 04 February 2019 07:58

The GRAFEL research project focuses on graphene-based flexible electronics and aims promote the field to a level of maturity that accompanies establishing procedures for (a) the adjustment of material properties by design, (b) the chemical synthesis of components, and (c) rudimental device fabrication as proof of concept.

Our vision for implementing this project has been primarily driven by the requirement of cheaper, large-area electronic devices that can be integrated on flexible substrates through low-temperature deposition or solution-based printing methods. The great challenge in the area would be to surpass the respective disadvantages of inorganic and organic semiconducting materials for use in flexible electronics and design new materials that combine their advantages, namely controllable electronic properties as well as mechanical conformability. From a device design perspective, such materials will also lead to minimization of contact issues (heat dissipation, contact resistance) associated with the interface which exists when multiple materials are combined.

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